• The pu cornice moulding and other

    In the style of pu cornice moulding, the processing technology of building materials has been greatly improved, and the styles of corner lines are also varied. Stone, plaster, wood, and other materials are also widely used in materials. . In addition, the linear style has been greatly updated, wh...
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  • Come back to work

    Zhejiang Ouzhi PU moulding factory   have start work.    
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  • 126th Canton fair Booth No. 11.2 A06

    We will  attached the 126th Canton Fair     Booth No.:11.2 A06 Contract : Emma  +8613957380587 Email:[email protected]  
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  • Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2019

    We will attached the Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2019 on Sep 18-20,2019 Booth No.: C460 Welcome for visit us.
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  • PU Indirect Lighting,new definition of beauty

    Indirect lighting gives you not only beauty but also convenience,save your time but good looking.
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  • poor planning leads to wasted energy

    I’ve occasionally been known to throw myself onto the face of a home-improvement cliff so steep that I can barely make it to the top, let alone finish with something pretty. Last week, I bailed halfway up the cliff, and the crash was gloriously, hideously ugly. The plan was to spruce up my ceilin...
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  • Spend a leisurely afternoon supporting small businesses and shopping organic at your neighborhood farmers market | Arts And Leisure

    The Seattle Storm has already started defending their title at Angel of the Winds Arena. They are set to play their first contest at Alaska Airlines Arena this Sunday against the Indiana Fever. In anticipation of that contest, read up on the key players, numbers, and things to know ahead of … Edi...
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  • Reopening a 105-year-old general store in Todd is the goal for this couple

    Matt Connell emerged Wednesday afternoon from the basement under the Todd General Store looking equal parts bemused, worn out and enthralled. He and his wife Andréa Connell, a professor at nearby Appalachian State University, had only last month closed on the purchase of the 105-year-old store. T...
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  • PU cornice Vs plaster cornice

    PU cornice Vs plaster cornice

    The difference between the PU cornice and the plaster cornice is firstly different in material. The PU cornice is made of PU rigid foam, and the main material of the plaster cornice is gypsum powder. The second is that the construction method is different. The plaster cornice is mainly paste, and...
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  • 125th Canton fair from April 15 to 19

    125th Canton fair from April 15 to 19

    we will attend 125th Canton fair: Booth No.: 11.2 A06 Date: April 15-19 Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China welcome to visit us.
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  • PU Decorative Material Character

    1. Low cost: all products are supplied with a factory applied UV barrier coating and field-ready primer coat. This provides labor cost savings of up to 60-80% over conventional site coated mouldings, eliminating the expense hard labor of masonry cost up to 85%. 2. Light weight: our products are m...
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  • The main purpose of home improvement materials polyurethane

    Creative decoration: Polyurethane foams are widely used. Soft foam is mainly used for furniture and vehicles of various mat materials, insulation materials; rigid foam insulation is mainly used for household appliances, housing wall waterproofing spray foam insulation, pipe insulation materials, ...
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