Cooperation between pu cornice moulding manufacturers and other businesses

The house where pu cornice mouldings is installed looks more atmospheric than the average house.

But finally escaped the cold wind outside, came home and took off the equipment, and it was another cold bed, and couldn’t help shivering inside. Hot water bottles need to be filled with water back and forth, and electric blankets are easy to catch fire and are not safe. Why is it so difficult this winter?
Circulating warm water, using plumbing heating instead of resistance wire heating, precise control of constant temperature, to prevent the loss of human body moisture caused by fluctuating cold and hot, no dry mouth, no heat, and you will stay warm and sleep all night.

Match with wooden floor

Create a brand moat. Such as solid wood floor heating and wood flooring, there are many companies in the market that are deeply engaged, such as Anxin Flooring and Jiusheng Flooring. According to Sohu Focus Home, the nano-silicon technology developed by Anxin Flooring can strengthen the stability of solid wood flooring and solve problems such as deformation and cracking.
To meet the needs of different groups of people, develop new products such as non-slip flooring and sports flooring. Especially the floors used in public places such as gymnasiums and hospitals require special properties, not only non-slip, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, but also good elasticity.
At present, about 20% of the domestic sports flooring market comes from imports, but imported products do not necessarily represent high-quality, and in the field of sports flooring, the sports characteristics of basketball wood flooring are also questioned by the industry.

Need to drink hot water in winter

It runs at a constant temperature of 0.4 degrees all night and saves energy. No longer wait for a long time, you can wrap your body with warmth and feel the clean water life with warm water.

Post time: Jan-04-2021

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