It is necessary for owner to clean and maintain cornice moulding foam regularly at home

The cornice moulding foam can make the house beautiful, but after using it for a long time, it will be contaminated with dust. So users need to clean it.

The researchers did not say that indoor dust is causing Americans and even humans worldwide (and rats in the laboratory) to become fatter. Subsequent studies will conduct experiments on this issue, but not this time. Casodis said: “Because the fat precursor cell model is very reliable and we know it well, there have been a lot of studies applying this experimental model to humans.” Epidemiological studies have shown that cornice moulding foam The longer it is exposed to the air, the easier it is to get dust.
Whether these chemicals are to blame for our fatness, it is too early to conclude. But Casodis said that, including this study, more and more studies have shown that it is reasonable and necessary to minimize exposure to these endocrine disrupting chemicals.

In order to do this, Cassodys advises the homeowner to clean the room frequently and use wet mops and sprinkling water to avoid dust accumulation. Of course, this cleaning method only works with water or soap. Don’t use those chemical detergents, it will only increase the chemical endocrine disruptors in the room.
cornice moulding foam
Casodes also recommends avoiding the use of plastic utensils as much as possible, especially not to use it to heat and store food. Use less pesticides indoors. These chemicals will stay in your house for a long time, so use caution. Now more and more green personal care industry and furniture companies want to make money by removing household chemicals, but you must first find out whether those chemicals are really harmful to you, and then completely remove them from your house. In addition, don’t think that by cleaning your home, you can give up healthy eating and exercise. This is not just making an excuse for your extra meal.

Post time: Jan-08-2021

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