Pu Material Ceiling Medallion can create a warm living atmosphere

When decorating the house with Pu Material Ceiling Medallion, you also want to create a warm atmosphere in winter.

The plumbing is warm, and the constant temperature electric hot water heating mattress will make you sleep healthy.
In the blink of an eye, Lidong has been almost a month away, and the temperature has dropped at a speed that can be felt by the skin. It seems to be the trend of cold winter. As a chilling star, you can only buy long-length trousers, down jackets and other winter items one by one.

How long have you not had a good night’s sleep?
After a whole day of work and study, our body is in a state of extreme fatigue, and it is urgent to take a full-body rest to restore our mental and physical strength. But according to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 27% of the world’s population suffers from sleep problems. Among these people, about 20-30% are caused by different sleep disorders, while in our country, 80% are young people.
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Pu Material Ceiling Medallion
A good sleep
Discomfort in the bedding, breeding of mites on the mattress, and chills in the body all erect barriers to a comfortable sleep. In winter, these problems are superimposed and make it difficult to sleep.
Constant temperature electric hot water heating mattress, preferably silk cotton and hard cotton comfortable and breathable, to give you a more submissive skin experience. The blanket body replaces the resistance wire with a full water circuit, and the water and electricity are separated, which solves the potential safety hazards such as the leakage of the resistance wire. At the same time, it avoids the radiation problem generated after the traditional electric blanket is energized, and ensures the safety of the product during use;

The waterway layout of the whole mattress is uniform, avoiding the uneven heating problem of the traditional resistance wire electric blanket, ensuring the constant temperature control of the mattress, reducing the evaporation of water in the human body due to uneven cold and heating, and effectively preventing users from dry mouth The problem of heat up ensures users a warm and healthy sleep quality; the heat from the inside out also dries the moisture faster, a more efficient way of removing mites than the sun, and you can also “dry” the quilt at home when you return to the south, and enjoy a refreshing quilt .

The warm color
The warm color of Pu Material Ceiling Medallion on the wall brings a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
Multidimensional details
Multi-dimensional detail protection, sleep more at ease
In winter, the low temperature is difficult to bear. The electric blanket is not only dry and radiant, but also may trigger a safety accident; turning on the air conditioner is uncomfortable and can easily cause breathing problems… Users with elderly and babies at home should feel quite about these problems. These problems seem to be forbearing, but if you don’t solve them for a day, you will be hard to feel at ease.

Innovatively use medical-grade pvc material to make plumbing pipes, and introduce high-pressure and high-temperature resistant properties and high-quality heat preservation functions for the mattress; it is equipped with 8-fold safety guarantees, and multi-dimensional details such as child locks, scheduled shutdowns, abnormal power failures, etc. Protection to ensure a comfortable sleep and safe use of the family.

Post time: Dec-28-2020

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