• PU cornice Vs plaster cornice

    PU cornice Vs plaster cornice

    The difference between the PU cornice and the plaster cornice is firstly different in material. The PU cornice is made of PU rigid foam, and the main material of the plaster cornice is gypsum powder. The second is that the construction method is different. The plaster cornice is mainly paste, and...
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  • 125th Canton fair from April 15 to 19

    125th Canton fair from April 15 to 19

    we will attend 125th Canton fair: Booth No.: 11.2 A06 Date: April 15-19 Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China welcome to visit us.
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  • PU Decorative Material Character

    1. Low cost: all products are supplied with a factory applied UV barrier coating and field-ready primer coat. This provides labor cost savings of up to 60-80% over conventional site coated mouldings, eliminating the expense hard labor of masonry cost up to 85%. 2. Light weight: our products are m...
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  • The main purpose of home improvement materials polyurethane

    Creative decoration: Polyurethane foams are widely used. Soft foam is mainly used for furniture and vehicles of various mat materials, insulation materials; rigid foam insulation is mainly used for household appliances, housing wall waterproofing spray foam insulation, pipe insulation materials, ...
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  • PU polyurethane Introduction

    Full polyurethane called polyurethane, is collectively repeat urethane groups (NHCOO) macromolecular compound containing in the main chain. It is made from an organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate compound with two or more hydroxyl polyaddition. The following reaction formula: -N = C = O + HO- →...
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