Put decorative ceiling medallions and plants in a clean place in the house

After installing the decorative ceiling medallions, the house must be cleaned.On the one hand, plants can purify the air, and on the other hand, plants can also play a decorative role.
We all know that decoration will produce a certain amount of pollution, so many friends will choose to place some plants for their families.

Agave is a perennial evergreen plant with tall plants, gray-green or blue-grey leaves, thorns on the edge of the leaves, and yellow-green flowers. It likes a warm, well-lit environment and is extremely resistant to drought.

Install decorative Ceiling Medallions
Chlorophytum is easy to cultivate and has strong adaptability. It is one of the most traditional hanging plants in the house. Its leaves are slender and soft, and small plants sprout from the leaf axils, which hang down from the edge of the pot, stretch and sag, like flowers, and are evergreen in all seasons.
decorative ceiling medallions)
After installing the Decorative Ceiling Medallions, you should clean the house well.
Ivy is the most ideal indoor and outdoor vertical greening variety. The evergreen vine has thin and soft branches and aerial roots, which can climb on other objects. The leaves are alternate, the leaves are triangular-ovate, and the demand for potted plants is increasing. It is a typical negative plant that can grow in a full-light environment, grows well in a warm and humid climate, and is not cold-tolerant.

Purify the air with plants
There are also many flowers that are not suitable for growing indoors, such as cloves, tuberose, etc., because tuberose will stop photosynthesis at night, consume oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, which is extremely harmful to human health. If you live together for a long time, it can cause dizziness, coughing and even wheezing and insomnia, especially for patients with high blood pressure and heart disease.

The living room is generally placed with rich bamboo, Penglai pine, cactus, Podocarpus, horse chestnut, palm bamboo, fortune tree, clivia, ball orchid, orchid, cyclamen, citrus, nest fern, dracaena and other plants in Feng Shui It is called “good fortune” in Chinese, which means good luck and good luck.
It is not recommended to put too many plants in the bedroom, especially foliage plants, because these plants compete with people for oxygen at night. The kitchen is not suitable for placing plants because of the large oil fume. If you put it, you can choose hydroponic plants to give people a pure and clean feeling.

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