Go home and relax in the room decorated with Polyurethane Decoration Product

After work, Go home and relax in the room decorated with Polyurethane Decoration Product. A variety of colors can please your mood.

The living room of the Muxue series product “Tunyun” is more in line with the tonality of young artists. The side cabinets still have a black, blue and black pattern, with a cool appearance and deep meaning. In order to create this full-textured visual effect, the craftsmen of Haier Home Furnishing Company carried out manual polishing and polishing on the basis of six-sided high-quality baking paint spraying, thereby improving the gloss of the topcoat and enhancing the fullness of the paint.

On both sides of the side cabinet are persimmon trees and decorative paintings derived from the classic symbols of the northern court. Both of them reflect the artistic “hidden symmetry” and the beauty of harmony in terms of color distribution and modeling size. They seem unintentional, but they are intentional. They highlight the designer’s profound aesthetics and humanistic heritage, and also give us inspiration: the new Chinese style. It is not copying Chinese elements or simplifying antique furniture, but on the basis of integrating the essence of Chinese style, breaking away from tradition, creating boldly, giving the room a deep meaning and conforming to modern aesthetics. This is exactly what Xifu·Muxue insisted.

Polyurethane Decoration Product
Clean air
Negative oxygen ions have many benefits to the human body: negative oxygen antibacterial, activating immunity, eliminating free radicals, degrading formaldehyde, removing odors, purifying the air… Asia Ceramics uses three major black technologies to create a continuous and stable release of high mountain-level negative oxygen ions ECO ecological healthy tiles bring a healthy living experience.
At the same time, Ecology also represents the core product concept of “Scientific Human Habitat, Healthy Life” of Asia Ceramics, which is based on ecological human housing, starting from human housing needs, and bringing a more ecological and healthy human living experience.
People with poor sleep quality can also find a resting place here.

Living in modern society

Hot water warming mattress·Shu Meng, one-key to turn on the high-quality sleep mode, automatically raises and lowers the temperature according to the law of human sleep temperature changes, does not disturb light work, reduces repeated awakenings caused by temperature changes and noise, and scientifically improves sleep quality.

Living in a stressful modern society, there may be many things waiting for you to deal with and work hard during the day, but when you return to the night, you must give yourself a comfortable sleep to soothe your hard-working body. Midea constant temperature electric hot water heating mattress·Shumeng, relieve stress with you, and enjoy a clean water life.

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