Architectural foam moulding and chinese furniture complement each other

The decoration of architectural foam moulding in the living room is also very good, but you should pay attention to the Feng Shui, but there are many living room decorations, such as horns, Buddha statues, crosses, etc., which have different effects in Feng Shui knowledge.
Engaging in a competitive industry, the living room is suitable for displaying horns, symbolizing victory and avoiding evil, while displaying Buddha statues and crosses has the effect of spiritual sustenance.
Taboos for living room decorations

Calligraphy and painting and pucornice moulding
The calligraphy and painting in the living room have a great effect, and they can be used to enhance the family and create a rich atmosphere. Home auspicious calligraphy and painting refer to calligraphy that symbolizes good luck and good wishes, peony paintings that symbolize prosperity and wealth, lotus koi paintings that symbolize surplus, pine cranes and pine trees that symbolize health and longevity, and flowing clouds that symbolize eternal blessings Hundred bats and so on. It is advisable to hang paintings at home with upright content and avoid loneliness.
Chinese style pucornice moulding with calligraphy and painting, and oriental colors are expressed

If there are landscape paintings hanging in the hall, watch the water flow inside the house and not outside. Because the owner of the mountain is responsible for the wealth, the inflow of the water is for the money, and the outflow is the mourning. , Because the outsiders lose money while the insiders recruit treasures.

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