Pu cornice manufactures a variety of products to create a winter living environment

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The leader

The leader of Shanghai’s customized quality assembly, integrating design, construction, home furnishing, and soft decoration. It has a top designer service team, customized design schemes, a master-class engineering process system, and a complete pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales service system . A real-life model house of 5,000 square meters and a material exhibition hall of 10,000 square meters gather first-line high-end brands at home and abroad with comprehensive coverage, just to give you a unique home.
The manufacturer of pu cornice recommends a variety of products to prevent detours in winter decoration!


1. Research and develop environmentally friendly glue to improve the environmental protection coefficient of floor materials. For example, the soybean gum developed by Moganshan uses vegetable gum technology to replace traditional aldehyde-containing glue. There are also coating companies such as Sankeshu that cross-border, and its Komori Kechuang Natural Board is also focusing on more environmentally friendly adhesives, greatly improving the environmental attributes of products.
2. Research on scientific and technological veneer products and upgrade the appearance of products in a more environmentally friendly way. For example, Tubao Technology veneer uses exclusive physical and chemical modification technology to realize the performance and value of ordinary fast-growing raw materials. It can not only solve the defects of natural wood knots, cracks, worm eyes, color difference, mildew, and dead knots; in terms of length and width, The size span is larger, more flexible, and more valuable to designers.
3. Deeply cultivate categories and build brand moats. Such as solid wood floor heating and wood flooring, there are many companies in the market that are deeply engaged, such as Anxin Flooring and Jiusheng Flooring. According to Sohu Focus Home, the nano-silicon technology developed by Anxin Flooring can strengthen the stability of solid wood flooring and solve problems such as deformation and cracking.
4. In response to the needs of different groups of people, develop new products such as non-slip flooring and sports flooring. Especially the floors used in public places such as gymnasiums and hospitals need special properties, not only non-slip, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, but also good elasticity.

At present, about 20% of the domestic sports flooring market comes from imports, but imported products do not necessarily represent high-quality, and in the field of sports flooring, the sports characteristics of basketball wood flooring are also questioned by the industry.

Post time: Dec-31-2020

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