The pu cornice moulding and other

In the style of pu cornice moulding, the processing technology of building materials has been greatly improved, and the styles of corner lines are also varied. Stone, plaster, wood, and other materials are also widely used in materials. . In addition, the linear style has been greatly updated, which can be said to be diverse, but generally the scale range of 5cm-30cm is used in home decoration, which is beautiful and generous. Most of the internal corner lines are made of various solid wood colors and varnished. Or painting process, painting latex paint is also widely used. In fact, the inner corner line should also be painted with paint.

1.Style one, plaster line

Such internal corner line is more common, cheap and durable, its installation is relatively simple, and the style is very rich.

2.Style two, wooden top line

The use of wooden roof line is relatively rare, it is very suitable for decoration in classical style, and its cost is very high, it is not easy to form, and it takes a long time to use, if the room is wet, it is likely to appear paint off The paint may be cracked and peeled off.

3.Style three, the inner corner of the wallpaper

If the wall and the top are used as wallpaper, then we can use the inner corner of the wallpaper. But if the room at home is painted with latex paint, you can also use the inner corner of the wallpaper, which is not only simple but also beautiful.

4.Style four, PVC inner corner line

The inner corner of PVC is a new material, the line style is more beautiful and durable.

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