How to install pu ceiling cornice?

How to install pu ceiling cornice

1. smooth the wall

We can use affordable and cement grout to smooth the wall. It is best to check whether the wall is flat after completion. If the wall is uneven, the installation of the internal corner line will be very difficult.

2. paste the angle protection net

After completing the above steps, we must firmly stick the corner netting on the cement wall. When the cement sand overflows from the round hole, we must smooth it out in time. Everyone must pay attention to alignment.
pu ceiling cornice
3.clean up the corner

Since the internal corner line is to be installed, we should first ensure that the corner is clean, tidy, and free of foreign objects, especially after the wall is wiped, there are many places to be cleaned.

4. determine the location and drill holes

We should first find the horizontal line when installing the internal corner line, and then determine the location for drilling.

Fifth, fix the internal corner line

After finishing the drilling, we will proceed to the formal internal corner installation. Everyone should pay attention to the joint of the internal corner line and the flat head should be connected.

Post time: Oct-14-2020

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