To know more about decoration pu polyurethane cornice and environmental protection decoration

it is not hard to know more about decoration pu polyurethane cornice and environmental protection decoration.

Modern people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection when decorating their houses. If they don’t pay attention to green decoration, it will bring health effects to their families. What’s the coup for environmental protection decoration? Let’s learn together!

Scientific decoration design plan
In the case of ensuring that the indoor space, color, and connotation are well represented, environmentally friendly design should fully consider whether the selected materials are environmentally friendly, whether the dosage is reasonable, whether there are dead corners of air circulation, and whether light pollution will occur. Avoid blindly pursuing luxurious decoration.

choose the right Pu Polyurethane Cornice
Faced with a wide variety of decoration building materials in different names on the market, first, do not buy building materials or furniture cheaply, and try to buy them at regular markets or supermarkets; second, please choose products with safety and health certification marks on the products. Ask the dealer for a test report that meets the new standard when buying; third, let the operator write the product name, hazardous substance limit, grade, etc. on the invoice; fourth, try to keep some small samples when using materials, if there is a problem Can be used as evidence. it is easy know more about Decoration Pu Polyurethane Cornice.
decoration pu polyurethane cornice
Limited by the current level of home improvement practitioners and equipment, construction methods have a great impact on environmental quality. For example, when laying composite floors, large core panels should not be installed underneath. The decoration companies on the market vary from good to bad. When choosing, consumers should carefully examine their qualifications and choose a formal home improvement company to ensure the quality of home improvement. At the same time, it is best to add the air quality clause of the room when signing the home improvement contract with the decoration company. Once the indoor air pollution problem occurs after the decoration, it is easy to protect your legal rights.

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